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My 10 Article Challenge

I think things are getting a little boring around here so I’m going to spice things up a little bit with the 10 Article Challenge. I am going to do the rounds on all of the paid to write web sites that I know of and have the willpower to write for. At the moment, this includes the following:

  • Triond: A simple web site where you can get paid to write for any one of their specialised sub-sites.
  • Associated Content: A very flashy site with various options for getting paid to write along with some pretty good bonuses.
  • NinerNiner: A blogging network which pays a maximum of $0.50 for each post written for one of their blogs. For ten articles I will receive $5, so that will be the final earnings amount for this one.
  • Helium: A site where you are paid to write to predefined topics. Very complicated earnings system with big rewards for some.
  • Bukisa: A relatively new web site similar in style to Associated Content.
  • Work-online: According to some sources, this is a site to avoid due to the low pay rate (GBP0.25 per 400 word article), but I will look at it anyway to compare it with other sites. 25p per post translates to 10 posts for GBP 2.50, so that will be the final amount for this one.

I know that these ‘residual income’ web sites do not pay you upfront on most occasions, so I will monitor the Challenge over four weeks (about a month) and assess the rewards at the end of that. Also, if I think of any more web sites I will add them here. Now, I’d better get writing!

Edit: I will keep track of my 10 Article Challenge posts on this page.