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Hello, loyal readers!
I’ve amassed a surprisingly high following in the last few days (is 240 visitors normal???) so I have decided to upgrade to a self-hosted blog at Please update your bookmarks! This web site will continue to operate for a while, but this will be my last post using The next post will be using the vastly superior platform. See you over at!


My 10 Article Challenge

I think things are getting a little boring around here so I’m going to spice things up a little bit with the 10 Article Challenge. I am going to do the rounds on all of the paid to write web sites that I know of and have the willpower to write for. At the moment, this includes the following:

  • Triond: A simple web site where you can get paid to write for any one of their specialised sub-sites.
  • Associated Content: A very flashy site with various options for getting paid to write along with some pretty good bonuses.
  • NinerNiner: A blogging network which pays a maximum of $0.50 for each post written for one of their blogs. For ten articles I will receive $5, so that will be the final earnings amount for this one.
  • Helium: A site where you are paid to write to predefined topics. Very complicated earnings system with big rewards for some.
  • Bukisa: A relatively new web site similar in style to Associated Content.
  • Work-online: According to some sources, this is a site to avoid due to the low pay rate (GBP0.25 per 400 word article), but I will look at it anyway to compare it with other sites. 25p per post translates to 10 posts for GBP 2.50, so that will be the final amount for this one.

I know that these ‘residual income’ web sites do not pay you upfront on most occasions, so I will monitor the Challenge over four weeks (about a month) and assess the rewards at the end of that. Also, if I think of any more web sites I will add them here. Now, I’d better get writing!

Edit: I will keep track of my 10 Article Challenge posts on this page.

Sticking to a schedule

Sometimes I just don’t have any ideas at all. I get writers’ block: I simply cannot think of anything to blog about and I know that I am wasting valuable time that I could be converting into great earnings on a paid to write web site. So, how have I overcome writers’ block so far? I have succumbed to it. What I do is this:

– When I am bursting with ideas I write as many blog posts as I can. This way I can schedule them to appear gradually, so that they do not appear all at once and make my blog look empty when I have nothing to write about.
– When I have writers’ block I just do nothing. I have already got a few posts scheduled so there’s nothing to worry about yet, and by the time I do need to write more posts the writers’ block should be gone.

So, I’d better get back to writing. I’ve earned $29 so far… not bad for someone as inexperienced as me!

Going well so far!

My earnings on NinerNiner: US$27!
I’m going really well so far. Since starting my quest for blogging fame and fortune a couple of days ago I have earned a total of US$27 – all on NinerNiner, as I haven’t sent in anything to Associated Content (I’ll probably lose my bonus then I guess where I get $10 if I send them ten articles by… today). I’m also starting to get some more views on this blog. Perhaps my Technorati and Twitter marketing techniques paid off!

So, I’d better get back to work. Happy blogging… I mean, viewing, all!


I’ve signed up for Triond, a web site like Associated Content where you can get paid ‘on performance’ for your pieces of writing! Today I also read about something called search engine optimisation, which is a way that I can drive traffic to my earn per view articles on Triond and Associated Content through improving those articles standings in the search engines.

Please support my Triond account at once I get some articles up, as I can’t succeed with support from viewers – I don’t get paid a cent unless people visit my articles!

Over at Triond you can also view the original Netcash Experiment logo I created using… Microsoft Word and Paint (yep, that’s all it was… nothing fancy). The logos you see on other sites have been modified to fit in to a square, meaning that the text of the logo only occupies about a third of the space.

According to my Triond profile I have not made any friends yet, which makes me feel like a loner. If you have a Triond account, please feel free to make friends with me 🙂

Successful site promotion

So far I haven’t had that many visitors on my blog. In fact, the numbers aren’t too astounding at all. However, what I have been impressed with is the number of Twitter followers I have amassed over at my account, In fact, last time I checked, I had already gotten 72 followers, and those are quality followers, related to what I’m writing about and they didn’t ‘follow spam’ me at all, meaning that I’m really accelerating in my entry to the world of internet money making. I’ve been getting dozens of ‘direct messages’ an hour… so many that I think I might turn off the feature.

So, what’s up next? I’m not entirely sure, but it will certainly have something to do with getting paid to write. My earnings so far have been $20, something I’m really impressed with, considering I’ve just started blogging!

Update: My first earnings!

NinerNiner Earnings 27 September 2009I have made my first $8.50 in the Netcash Experiment through! Although the money isn’t in my PayPal account (it’ll show up sometime next month) I know these guys pay out as I have seen them once before. Admittedly, $5 of this amount consists of the signup bonus I received just for giving them my email address and name, but I still think it’s a pretty big achievement for about 45 minutes of work (I know… not very good pay, is it?).

There isn’t a limit to how many posts you can write for NinerNiner but I’m bound to suffer from writers’ block sometime along the road, so I will squeeze out as many blog posts as I can! Proof of my achievement can be found in the photo. I’m very pleased with this as I’m earning a good 45 minutes’ wage here. Here’s to more success!

So far, the total earnings are $8.50. Hooray!

UPDATE: I’ve now made $20. How the earnings have increased! I haven’t really started my contributions to Associated Content yet, mainly due to the fact that I don’t get rewarded instantly for my efforts like I do at NinerNiner.


I found another ‘get paid to write’ service today: NinerNiner. Writers get paid to write blog posts of a minimum 200 words. Although it pays hardly anything (up to $0.50 per 200 words) it’s a great place to write when you can’t think of anything for the big guys, and to make up for the lack of payment there is a $5 signup bonus. 200 words only takes about 5 minutes (if that), so let’s say four posts a day during my spare time… that’s $60 a month for writing during spare time! There aren’t any ‘quality checks’ or application forms to fill out either – as long as the grammar and spelling is correct, etc. the post is fine. The minimum payout is $25 and I was paid US$35 the other month so it does work.

I do have some concerns with the quality of the other bloggers’ posts though. For example, a recent post on the ‘Autism Herald’ blog had nothing to do with autism… and I can’t even work out what the point of the post was. I am going to use a pseudonym on this site as it seems that using my real name may degrade my chances of getting a ‘gig’ elsewhere.

So, whilst NinerNiner isn’t enough to form a significant income unless you’re on it 24/7, it’s a useful place to pour your heart out about class action lawsuits or weddings through blog posts and can help to pay a few bills each month if a steady stream of blog posts is written. I will give updates on how this works out throughout my journey!

Twittering my way to glory

I have a Twitter account! I hope this can become a great way to market my blog on this new micro-blogging platform. Please help me out and follow me. I’ll follow you back so I can see what you’re up to! My Twitter page is located at, so take a look at the tweets I’ve posted so far (seven in total). I’ve also amassed a few Twitter followers, seven in total. Hopefully I can use this to effectively market this blog!

A note to readers: Twitter is where you’ll ‘hear it first’. So as to not flood my blog with too many posts at once I have set some posts to schedule themselves so that they appear later, to spread out the flow of posts (this one’s live, however). With Twitter I can’t schedule anything, so everything there is hot off the press. For example, an article which will appear here in about eleven hours time about getting paid to blog has already been mentioned on Twitter, and so has information about my first earnings which isn’t even on this blog yet! So if you want to find out where I made a reasonable amount of money with minimal work, head over to my Twitter – Click here!

Associated Content

Day one of my online moneymaking endeavor. So far I’ve discovered one way in which many others have purportedly made their fortune: Associated Content! There are two ways of getting paid on Associated Content, and they can be taken separately or combined. They are upfront payments and performance. Upfront is where you get paid a flat rate for your article then go on to receive a set amount per page view, whilst performance is where there’s no guarantee of pay at all; no visits means no money.

Apparently, there’s a special offer where if you submit five articles by the end of the month an automatic $5 payment is received, and $10 for ten articles. I’d better start writing, as September 30 is only a few days away!

To start writing with Associated Content, click here. Although that is a referral link, I don’t get any reward from it, I can just see who signs up through it so that I can drop by your articles every once in a while!

I’m going to write a whole bunch of articles for Associated Content and see how it goes. Stay tuned!