About the Netcash Experiment

What is the Netcash Experiment?
The Netcash Experiment is a test to see whether real money can be made on the Internet. I was tired of seeing claims that you could earn millions if you’d just pay $49 so I’m testing out the claims for myself, using sites such as HubPages and Associated Content.

How much money have you made so far?
Er… none, but when I do get some money rolling in I will let you know.

Aren’t you just jumping on the ‘make money online’ bandwagon?
No. For starters, I’m not a professional search engine optimiser who spends half his day writing sensationalised sales copy for overpriced e-books. I don’t have any Web marketing experience at all, which will help to investigate claims that you can make money with no experience whatsoever.

When did you start the Netcash Experiment?
Precisely 1:02pm (UTC), 27 September 2009.

Why WordPress?
Firstly, I have used WordPress before as a blogging platform and I find it very easy to use. Secondly, it’s much more customisable than other free services and thirdly the name I wanted was available.


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