Sticking to a schedule

Sometimes I just don’t have any ideas at all. I get writers’ block: I simply cannot think of anything to blog about and I know that I am wasting valuable time that I could be converting into great earnings on a paid to write web site. So, how have I overcome writers’ block so far? I have succumbed to it. What I do is this:

– When I am bursting with ideas I write as many blog posts as I can. This way I can schedule them to appear gradually, so that they do not appear all at once and make my blog look empty when I have nothing to write about.
– When I have writers’ block I just do nothing. I have already got a few posts scheduled so there’s nothing to worry about yet, and by the time I do need to write more posts the writers’ block should be gone.

So, I’d better get back to writing. I’ve earned $29 so far… not bad for someone as inexperienced as me!


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