Going well so far!

My earnings on NinerNiner: US$27!
I’m going really well so far. Since starting my quest for blogging fame and fortune a couple of days ago I have earned a total of US$27 – all on NinerNiner, as I haven’t sent in anything to Associated Content (I’ll probably lose my bonus then I guess where I get $10 if I send them ten articles by… today). I’m also starting to get some more views on this blog. Perhaps my Technorati and Twitter marketing techniques paid off!

So, I’d better get back to work. Happy blogging… I mean, viewing, all!


4 comments so far

  1. Frederik on

    Hi, I like your idea of “trying” to make money online. So, you are a non-experienced Web user? Perhaps we could start some conversation: What the heck IS NinerNiner?!

    • thenetcashexperiment on

      Hi Frederik, NinerNiner is a blog network that you can get paid to post on. The pay isn’t great but it’s something.

      • Frederik on

        Ah okay, is it similiar to ReviewMe? In Europe we have Trigami and Hallimash – they are also paying a good price 🙂

  2. thenetcashexperiment on

    Hi Frederik, no, it’s not like ReviewMe. You get paid to post on NinerNiner’s blogs about their topics (not advertisements, etc.). I will look at Trigami and Hallimash. Thanks for the tip on this one, but isn’t Trigami in German or something?

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