Update: My first earnings!

NinerNiner Earnings 27 September 2009I have made my first $8.50 in the Netcash Experiment through NinerNiner.com! Although the money isn’t in my PayPal account (it’ll show up sometime next month) I know these guys pay out as I have seen them once before. Admittedly, $5 of this amount consists of the signup bonus I received just for giving them my email address and name, but I still think it’s a pretty big achievement for about 45 minutes of work (I know… not very good pay, is it?).

There isn’t a limit to how many posts you can write for NinerNiner but I’m bound to suffer from writers’ block sometime along the road, so I will squeeze out as many blog posts as I can! Proof of my achievement can be found in the photo. I’m very pleased with this as I’m earning a good 45 minutes’ wage here. Here’s to more success!

So far, the total earnings are $8.50. Hooray!

UPDATE: I’ve now made $20. How the earnings have increased! I haven’t really started my contributions to Associated Content yet, mainly due to the fact that I don’t get rewarded instantly for my efforts like I do at NinerNiner.


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