I found another ‘get paid to write’ service today: NinerNiner. Writers get paid to write blog posts of a minimum 200 words. Although it pays hardly anything (up to $0.50 per 200 words) it’s a great place to write when you can’t think of anything for the big guys, and to make up for the lack of payment there is a $5 signup bonus. 200 words only takes about 5 minutes (if that), so let’s say four posts a day during my spare time… that’s $60 a month for writing during spare time! There aren’t any ‘quality checks’ or application forms to fill out either – as long as the grammar and spelling is correct, etc. the post is fine. The minimum payout is $25 and I was paid US$35 the other month so it does work.

I do have some concerns with the quality of the other bloggers’ posts though. For example, a recent post on the ‘Autism Herald’ blog had nothing to do with autism… and I can’t even work out what the point of the post was. I am going to use a pseudonym on this site as it seems that using my real name may degrade my chances of getting a ‘gig’ elsewhere.

So, whilst NinerNiner isn’t enough to form a significant income unless you’re on it 24/7, it’s a useful place to pour your heart out about class action lawsuits or weddings through blog posts and can help to pay a few bills each month if a steady stream of blog posts is written. I will give updates on how this works out throughout my journey!


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