Twittering my way to glory

I have a Twitter account! I hope this can become a great way to market my blog on this new micro-blogging platform. Please help me out and follow me. I’ll follow you back so I can see what you’re up to! My Twitter page is located at, so take a look at the tweets I’ve posted so far (seven in total). I’ve also amassed a few Twitter followers, seven in total. Hopefully I can use this to effectively market this blog!

A note to readers: Twitter is where you’ll ‘hear it first’. So as to not flood my blog with too many posts at once I have set some posts to schedule themselves so that they appear later, to spread out the flow of posts (this one’s live, however). With Twitter I can’t schedule anything, so everything there is hot off the press. For example, an article which will appear here in about eleven hours time about getting paid to blog has already been mentioned on Twitter, and so has information about my first earnings which isn’t even on this blog yet! So if you want to find out where I made a reasonable amount of money with minimal work, head over to my Twitter – Click here!


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