Associated Content

Day one of my online moneymaking endeavor. So far I’ve discovered one way in which many others have purportedly made their fortune: Associated Content! There are two ways of getting paid on Associated Content, and they can be taken separately or combined. They are upfront payments and performance. Upfront is where you get paid a flat rate for your article then go on to receive a set amount per page view, whilst performance is where there’s no guarantee of pay at all; no visits means no money.

Apparently, there’s a special offer where if you submit five articles by the end of the month an automatic $5 payment is received, and $10 for ten articles. I’d better start writing, as September 30 is only a few days away!

To start writing with Associated Content, click here. Although that is a referral link, I don’t get any reward from it, I can just see who signs up through it so that I can drop by your articles every once in a while!

I’m going to write a whole bunch of articles for Associated Content and see how it goes. Stay tuned!


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